Almost every homeowner is looking for ways to get more out of the limited space they call their home. People want more room, better appliances, more playroom, and more of everything else. That is why homeowners add bathrooms or bedrooms to a house and why they often think they should remodel their home.


One of the areas where homeowners’ desire more ways to enjoy their home is most evident is with a property’s yard. As explains, householders long to be able to make their outdoor spaces more functional and less one-dimensional. They want to increase the range of activities they can do outside and for how long they can do those things during the year.


Other than the usual barbecue with friends, inflatable swimming pool, or lawn games, people want to take their indoor living outside. That means being able to watch movies, cook, entertain friends and enjoy a romantic evening without worrying about the prying eyes of neighbors. The challenge for most is how to do this with the limited space and money they have.


In this post, we will help you solve this problem. We show you creative ways to expand the use of your outdoor space. Most of these ideas are simple in themselves, but you will be astounded at how they completely transform your outdoor spaces if you combine them. Here are seven practical ways to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your yard in one go.


Add a room

Create a dedicated outdoor space. An outdoor room helps to zone your yard and establish different uses for various areas of the space. Each supported by its unique infrastructure and amenities. The room you create could be a standalone patio, an attached patio, or a gazebo. Preferably, the structure should be enclosed or screened and roofed (permanent or retractable) to give you more usage options.


Install a swimming pool

A swimming pool creates a different kind of dedicated outdoor space that complements your outdoor room. It punctures the monotony of the surrounding scenery. And you can do things in a pool you could not do on the lawn or the patio. Swimming pools are great for escaping the summer heat. They also expand the range of options you have for entertaining guests.


Create a hub for outdoor entertainment

With a little planning, you can ship your indoor entertainment activities outside. Install an outdoor TV or hook up an outdoor projection system to watch movies and big games on. Use outdoor speakers that blend perfectly with the landscape and hardscaping features to preserve the outdoor ambiance of the room.


Build a functional outdoor kitchen

There are many ways to take your cooking outside; incorporate a BBQ and grill into the outdoor area, or build a full outdoor kitchen with a sink, large grill, and refrigerator. The idea here is that since the kitchen is a focal point where conversations happen, you can transport it outside with its role as a social hub.


Get comfortable and versatile seating

One thing you don’t want is people standing when they are in your outdoor area. Couches, benches, chairs, tiny stools, sectionals, and ottomans; are all seating ideas you can use in the room. But keep the size of these pieces proportionate to the dimensions of the room. And even more importantly, they must be ultra-comfortable. One way to furnish without taking up too much space is to make every piece serve a dual purpose.


Get diverse and attractive lighting

Well-placed lighting for illumination and setting the right mood is indispensable. Use lighting to accent the features of a room, extend its use into the night, and light up the larger area. The range of lighting options may include globe lights, hanging lights, chandeliers, and many more. Whatever lighting you use, strike a balance between the aesthetic purpose of the lighting and its function.


Create a central focus with heating

Building a fire pit or other kind of fire feature in the room lets you provide heating while creating a central focus for the room. The fire feature will create a cozy atmosphere, especially during cold weather. A fire source naturally encourages people to gather around, and if it is a real fire over which you can cook, even better.


Finally, watch the colors and textures you choose for the different items and features in the area. Your choices should preserve the outdoor character of the space and still be as functional as your indoor areas. And do not forget to pay attention to the surrounding greenery. Planting shrubs and small trees around a patio or swimming pool will create more privacy. But these should not be so close together that people in the area cannot see the rest of the yard.