Designing The Perfect Luxury Pool

Swimming pools are for more than just swimming. With a pool that has been properly designed to compliment the aesthetics of your home, you can elevate a landscape from an ordinary lawn to an extraordinary, luxury oasis. At Lux Landscape Design, we not only have the equipment and skill needed to create a pool of your dreams that perfectly accents your unique home, but we also have the creative and artistic energy to design and create a custom pool unlike the world has ever seen. 

Do you have a tight space that is begging for a water feature? We can design and build you the perfect spool, a water feature that is bigger than the average spa addition, yet smaller than a full sized pool.

If your property boasts a gorgeous view of San Diego, the ocean, or the mountains, an infinity pool would be the perfect fit for you. Our pool design experts can not only design the perfect infinity pool to fit your space, but we can also install it for you! 

Does your property lack entirely flat ground? Don’t worry! We can install waterfalls, rock walls, and other additions that seamlessly integrate your pool into any hills or land features on your property — it’s no problem! 

Get The Most Out of Your Pool Design

At Lux Landscape Design, we pride ourselves on making luxury pools that are also efficient and easy to use. When you enlist us to design and build your luxury swimming pool, we strategize around your specific property, finding ways to maximize the elegance of your pool while also ensuring that your project will be sustainable. This way, your pool will last longer, have a lower impact, cost less to maintain, and be low maintenance.

We accomplish this through a variety of different practices, some of those being:

  • Automated Pool Systems
    • Circulation
    • Cleaning
    • Lighting and Sound
    • Pool Covers
  • LED Lights
  • High Quality Pool Liners 
  • And more!

Choose The Pool Design Experts

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to host a pool party, or a private paradise that transports you to nature, pools can be designed to fulfill your design desires. There is truly no limit to the possibilities that exist in terms of pool design — it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to imitate nature, or if you’re looking to create something that has never been seen before, Lux Landscape Design has the technology and the know-how to make it happen! 

Not to mention, did you know that pools and other bodies of water actually absorb heat out of the air and can cool the surrounding temperatures by at least ten degrees Fahrenheit? So not only do pools add incredible aesthetic value to an outdoor space, but they also provide a personal place to cool off, relax, and get the most out of your outdoor space. 

This is not to say that there is no value in an indoor pool. Much like an outdoor pool, indoor pools heighten the luxury of your home. Where the outdoor pool provides a place in nature to relax and decompress, the indoor pool allows for an intimate, secluded feature of your home where you can host unforgettable events, exercise in peace, or simply lounge around in the comfort and luxury of your own home! 

In the current day and age, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to pool design. From ethereal infinity and perimeter overflow pools, to geometric and organic pool designs tailored to perfectly accent your home, to the classic yet elegant rectangular pool design, Lux Landscape Design has the resources, experience, and artistic vision to fabricate the pool of your dreams. 

In addition to our brilliant designers who will plan out the layout of your pool and surrounding landscape, we also have metal fabrication technology within our facilities that allows us to create beautiful, unique accents for your pool and landscape’s designs.

Remember, Lux Landscape Design can do it all, from design to fabrication to installation. So, if you’re interested in a luxury custom pool designed by the experts at Lux Landscape Design, take a look at our different design packages, and contact us to get started today! 

And if that’s not enough, check out this review from one of our satisfied customers! 

“I hired Lux Landscape Design because I really needed to install a beautiful swimming area at my home that fit my home’s aesthetic and my personal tastes. I knew these guys were great (a close friend recommended them to me), but BOY! Was I blown away at their skill and friendly, frequent communication. From the first day I called, they were working hard on my pool. With the Platinum Design Package, they created a gorgeous 3D model of my home and what the new pool would look like, and after that was done they made it happen! Before I knew it they were at my house, installing a pool and landscape that looked EXACTLY like the 3D model they showed me during the design process. I could not be happier with the results. Honestly, I wish I had another house so they could make me another amazing pool! Absolutely love these guys!”

~ Robert F. from Oceanside