Here at Lux Landscape Design, we specialize in creating unique, luxury landscaping for our clients in North and Central San Diego. Your outdoor living space is an expression of your personality and lifestyle, and we work hard to create a space that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Learn more about matching your landscape with your luxury lifestyle, and if you’re ready to get started, contact us today.


Install An Infinity Pool

Nothing finishes an outdoor space quite like a pool, and an Infinity pool takes luxury to the next level. We can create a beautiful swimming area that fits your home’s aesthetic and complements your view. We will plan the layout of your pool and surrounding landscape, and we also can utilize metal fabrication technology to add unique accents throughout. There’s no limit to pool design — contact us today to get started.


Create A Full Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor entertaining is more than a grill set up, and our kitchen design packages come with select options for your kitchen appliances from fridges to sinks, countertops, and more. Combined with stunning hardscaping and outdoor furniture, you’ll be able to create a luxury outdoor dining and cooking space that you can enjoy for years to come.


Get The Details Right

The details are what take your landscaping to the next level. Once we’ve ensured that the landscape design is functional and meets your needs, we’ll flesh out all the details, such as landscape lighting, pool design, sound systems, furniture, and anything else that will bring your landscaping to life and make it your own. We utilize a 3D modeling system to help you get a clear picture of what you’re buying and ensure that you’ll love what we do!


Bring Your Personality Outdoors

Your home is an expression of yourself, and that includes your outdoor space. Our experienced luxury landscapers will help provide inspiration and ask questions to help you define your landscape aesthetic. Whether you want a lush space full of greenery, a more pared-back, modern look, or the sound of a babbling water feature, we can guide you towards a design that expresses your unique personality and aesthetic.

Contact Our Luxury Landscaping Team Today

We provide custom swimming pools & spas, landscaping, irrigation, and hardscape installation service to clients in North and Central San Diego. We are committed to creating luxury landscaping that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Contact Lux Landscape Design today to get started.