When you’re installing a new pool for your backyard, it can be overwhelming but exciting to think about all the design choices you have to make! From the shape and depth of your pool, to the accessories and more, you’re likely thinking far ahead into when the pool is finally finished so you can take that long-awaited swim. However, one of the many choices you’ll want to make that is crucial to not only how your pool will look, but also how well it will stand the test of time, is the pool finish. Here are things to consider when choosing the right pool finish for your new addition.



Of course, your pool finish will change the color of your pool’s interior, but did you know that it will also change the appearance of the pool’s water color? Many people assume that most pools will automatically look the same because all water is clear, but if you add specific pigments and aggregates to your pool’s finish, that can make the difference between a pool with bright, teal-colored water, or cool, blue-toned water.



The texture on the inside of your pool may seem like a very small consideration to make. Afterall, how often will you be touching the pool’s finish when you’re swimming? However, it’s important to take texture into consideration when you think about the steps of the pool and if you have small children with sensitive feet using those stairs, and if you’re going to be using specific cleaning apparatuses, like self-propelled vacuum cleaners, to keep your pool clean on a daily basis. The texture of the pool finish can be changed depending on the aggregate and add-ins you choose.



Of course, a pool is a large investment that you’re going to want to make last for a long time, so knowing which finishes will be durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of use and cleaning is important. Certain pool finishes may look great but might not always withstand the harsh chemicals used in pool environments as well as others. That’s why we utilize aggregates to help prevent erosion, wearing, and cracking in your pool finish.



Last, but certainly not least is ensuring that your pool finish lasts you a long time before you need a re-finish. When you work with our team to choose the appropriate finish for your pool’s looks and projected usage, you’ll find that your pool finish will last you for years to come! With our wide selection of aggregates that encourage longevity, you won’t have to worry about refinishing your pool for a long time.


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