When you’re installing a new pool for your backyard, it can be overwhelming but exciting to think about all the design choices you have to make! From the shape and depth of your pool, to the accessories and more, you’re likely thinking far ahead into when the pool is finally finished so you can take that long-awaited swim. However, one of the many choices you’ll want to make that is crucial to not only how your pool will look, but also how well it will stand the test of time, is the pool finish. Here are things to consider when choosing the right pool finish for your new addition.


Do you remember how great your landscaping looked when you first had it done? Or maybe you did it yourself and it’s gotten out of hand. Whatever your situation, here are a few signs that your landscaping needs an upgrade. If you’re ready to update your landscaping and give your home a luxury landscaping design, contact Lux Landscape Design in San Diego today.


Here at Lux Landscape Design, we specialize in creating unique, luxury landscaping for our clients in North and Central San Diego. Your outdoor living space is an expression of your personality and lifestyle, and we work hard to create a space that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Learn more about matching your landscape with your luxury lifestyle, and if you’re ready to get started, contact us today.


Great landscaping is not only beautiful and increases your enjoyment of your outdoor space, but it also increases your home’s value. Here are four ways to utilize landscaping in your yard to make the most of your investment, and if you’re interested in landscaping design in San Diego, contact the team at Lux Landscaping today


When working to create the perfect luxury swimming pool for your yard, a lot depends on how you approach the pool landscaping design. Pool landscaping can make all the difference between an exotic swimming pool and a lackluster pool that’s nothing more than just a water-filled pit.

Pool landscaping is as important as the swimming pool itself and the landscaping design deserves as much attention as you give to swimming pool design. Great pool landscaping will provide for all the different things you want to do around the pool.

In addition to making the pool more functional, good landscaping defines the kind of ambiance you want around your swimming pool. As Archer Group explains, it will help you craft a unique identity for your home and make the pool area beautiful that people will be instinctively drawn to the water.

How should you design the landscaping around your pool? Read on to find the top tips for creating a pool landscaping design that is functional and outstanding.


Almost every homeowner is looking for ways to get more out of the limited space they call their home. People want more room, better appliances, more playroom, and more of everything else. That is why homeowners add bathrooms or bedrooms to a house and why they often think they should remodel their home.

One of the areas where homeowners’ desire more ways to enjoy their home is most evident is with a property’s yard. As explains, householders long to be able to make their outdoor spaces more functional and less one-dimensional. They want to increase the range of activities they can do outside and for how long they can do those things during the year.

Other than the usual barbecue with friends, inflatable swimming pool, or lawn games, people want to take their indoor living outside. That means being able to watch movies, cook, entertain friends and enjoy a romantic evening without worrying about the prying eyes of neighbors. The challenge for most is how to do this with the limited space and money they...


When it comes to home remodeling, there are very few design decisions you can make that are sure to stand the test of time. While it can be tempting to opt for trendy renovations (open shelving anyone?), there’s no guarantee that the next buyer – or your future self – will share the same preference. We’re all painfully aware that the future is tough to predict, but there are a handful of decisions you can make on home improvements that won’t keep you up at night, regardless of market forces.


Areas of high precipitation are known for their lush vegetation, which can be a major advantage for those who enjoy planting flower beds and gardens.

However, a downside of abundant water fall is the threat of water puddling on your property and potentially flowing into your garage and/or seeping into your basement.

If this is the case for you, or you simply plan on spending more time watering your lawn this summer while you stay at home amid Covid-19 concerns, there are a number of ways in which you can protect your yard from excess moisture.


If your home boasts a beautiful view, an infinity pool is the perfect design for you. As the pinnacle of luxury pools, infinity pools create the illusion of a water

feature with a borderless edge. This illusion turns an average pool into an artistic medium, highlighting whatever views lie in the horizon. When paired with aquatic scenery, most notably the ocean, infinity pools appear to be an extension of the water body. When paired with a mountain or arboreous views, the pool serves to immerse you in the scenery.

Infinity pools accomplish their magnificent illusion by recycling water that flows over the ‘borderless’ edge into a reservoir that feeds the water back into the pool.


Fall is the time where plants start to slow down growth & production. This means fertilizer is coming to an end for the season and start turning your irrigation timers down if you don’t have a smart timer. What’s a smart timer? well, we’er in 2018 people, everything is smart these days and if you care about your garden, you get a timer than connects to your internet and syncs with your local weather channel. It then will adjust your irrigation accordingly. This’s where most home owners waste the most water. O, check with your city, you might get a rebate on these babies. Don’t forget pre emergent at the end of December, January/February is weed season and if you get out ahead of it, you can control your normal out of control weed problem as you enter spring.


Are the type that thinks you need a desert look because you don’t want the maintenance of a lawn, well you’er in luck! It doesn’t get much better than creeping red fescue with subterranean irrigation. This grass needs NO mowing, it’s slow growing, deeper root system so it can survive with less water than your typical lawn and once established, it practically takes care of it’s self.